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Photo Creator 1.0

Photo Creator ® 1.0 is a complete image-editing suite with easy-to-use tools for all your image and photo-editing needs.

Shortly about possibilities:

The image processing part of Photo Creator contains all standard features like painting, copying, filtering, color blends and fill functions. In order to eliminate interfering background in pictures Photo Creator offers various lasso functions, a flexible mask handling and a magic wand function.

Layers are an important feature for professional usage. The maximum number of layers is 60.

The number of undo and redo steps can be set in a range from 0 to 100.

In Photo Creator you can create, load, edit and save CMYK, RGB, HSL pictures.

The filter section contains a large quantity of features: Sharpen, Engraving, Blur, Glow, Wind, Mosaic, Whirlpool, etc. All more than 60.

Photo Creator supports numerous import file formats like: PCI, rla, rpf, cel, pic, gif , dib, cut, eps, fax, hip, hips, jfif , jpe , jp2 , jpc , jpeg , jpg , pcd, tiff , psp, tif, pdd, psd , pbm, pgm, png, ppm, ras, rle, bw, rgb, sgi, rgba, icb, tga , vda, vst, win, bmp, emf, ico, wmf, scr, pcc, pcx.

Photo Creator has special functions for saving web graphics. To save valuable web space and bandwidth GIFs, JPEGs or PNGs can be saved highly optimized and interlaced.

Due to the various import and export drivers and its integrated batch function Photo Creator is well suited as a file format converter. For example with one mouse click it is possible to read all pictures from a directory, reduce them to 256 colors for usage in the web, turn on 45 degrees and save the pictures to a different directory.

Supported capturing of image from digital cameras and scanners (TWAIN).

In standard delivery:

  • Photo Creator v1.0
  • Batch Convert v1.0
  • Twain module v1.0
  • 3D Frame Editor v1.0
  • 5 - 3D frames for pictures
  • 29 - templatesfor pictures
  • 40 - types of brush "Brush tool"
  • 30 - realistic textures
  • 20 - frames for pictures

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Photo Creator on pictures can will insignificantly differ from your copy.

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